Textile Waste Cushion

The US generates at least 12 million tons of textile waste each year. Which is about 80 lbs of textile waste per person per year.

Only 15% of the textiles are donated or recycled. The rest of the 85% goes into landfills.

A short project that tackles the problem of textile waste in the world.


Duration: 1 day

The sheer volume and weight of this waste is difficult to manage. I wanted to find a way to utilize large masses of waste fabrics in a easy and fast solution.

Materials Used

I used an old billboard canvas as the material to create a stool cushion.

The padding and cushioning inside is filled with cut up recycled fabrics.

This is a fast way to utilize lots of waste textiles.

The tarp material is perfect to act as the outer casing because it is rigid and holds its shape. I used an old zipper to close the opening.

* I picked up this piece of old billboard years ago laying in the middle of the street at night. I always knew that I could use it for something. 


I cut out a piece of the tarp that had an interesting and abstract pattern.

The cushion is 16'' x 16'' x 8''

1 seat cushion repurposes approximately 14 square ft of textile waste.


© Copyright Alissa Wang 2019